About Chris:

Graphics has fascinated me for as long as I can remember, and I am proud to call myself a Self-employed Artist. I’m passionate and meticulous as an Animator, and have a strong background creating scientific, medical, and architectural 3D.

I completed my college education in “Computer Art” and “Advanced Animation” in 2000. I have more than 15 years experience as a mix of 3D Animator, Graphic Artist, Web Designer, and Film Editor. Through my experience and continued education, I’m fluent in many industry applications.

I love my family! Pictured with me are my beautiful wife and 3 sons. I enjoy reading, local-type businesses, the outdoors; camping and swimming, and the maker-diy culture. I am a novice runner and photographer. 


Favorite Tools:

– Mac and Windows –

Wordpress adobe images finalcut

Custom CMS Systems and eCommerce platforms combined with social media, like WordPress, Drupal,  Joomla and Facebook, Linkedin,  Pinterest

Creative Tools with Adobe Photoshop • Illustrator •  Cinema 4D

and HTML, PHP, and MySQL code

Video with Premiere • AfterEffects